No matter what you choose for yourself
and your unborn child

 . . . we'd like you to know you are not        alone.

You are invited to watch a special video that has proven to be helpful to women searching for abortions in St Louis.

There are people who care, and if you're OK with it we'd like to extend a warm embrace to you.

Your feelings, whatever they may be, are valid.

We can understand if you are afraid of being judged or abandoned.

You may feel
invisible, overwhelmed, or just plain scared.

While you're here, we'd like you to know the people that provide additional options to abortion clinics.

Watch the video now.


Watch the video to see how caring people build bridges for women like you everyday -providing an avenue to the other side of a challenge.

This bridge has been built for you.

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support for pregnant mothers

Consider this- when you impact one life you impact countless others.

 Read this timeless poem about a
Bridge Builder who did just that.

No matter which of the stages of pregnancy you find yourself in, it is our intention that you have the support and guidance you need with this life-altering decision.

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Abortion clinics in St Louis are only one option.

Before you act, give yourself the freedom to make an informed decision. See how other options and resources can make the difference of a lifetime.


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I have more questions.

Who can help me?

7 must-know facts to consider

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For many women, the first response to an unplanned pregnancy is how to get an abortion quickly.

If you can keep your heart and mind open even for just a few days, you'll see more options that work for everyone.

We invite you to read . . . Lisa's Story.

As a 25 year old single women facing an unplanned pregnancy, I scheduled an abortion because I was afraid of what my family might say or do. 

I also knew I wasn't ready to have a child. I didn't earn enough money and I wasn't prepared to take this on alone.

abortion counseling in st louis

 . . . still, I struggled with the idea of abortion.

While it seemed to be the quiet way out, questions remained.

Was it best to make my entire decision because of the immediate stress I was feeling, or was there a bigger picture? 

What about the future of my unborn child?

Was abortion the only option for me? 

What if there was a way to get the support needed to create a promising future? 

When you watch the video for yourself, you'll see how this story come to life for me at the 3 minute mark. 

Maybe you'll discover why I chose adoption.

Women in St Louis have a powerful resource in the helpful people at CFS.

They gave me
a way to give my son what I couldn't provide on my own.

Having them help me with the adoption was the best decision I ever made.  Together, we found just the right family for him. 

Now, not only am I at peace with my decision, but my little boy is enjoying a loving family and has a bright future.

What I found had life-giving impact for my child, the adoptive family, and even myself.

It's best to know all of your options. Watch the video or click one of the questions in blue above.

 Even thinking about terminating a pregnancy can be a lot to deal with, and knowing all your options can help you make an informed choice now and for the future.

Thank you for considering an alternative to abortion clinics.

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